The 45a card appeared with the release of the third series of Empire Strikes Back action figures. Six more figures had been added to range available.

This cardback featured a mailaway offer for several Star Wars toys, including 'Dengar the ruthless Bounty Hunter", a character from the earlier second series of ESB figures. This was the first time a special offer had appeared on a Palitoy Cardback. The offer required figure names to be cut from the backing cards to be redeemed for the items listed. This is why you often find backing cards in the UK with the names removed. An image of the 'Capture Log' described on the cardback can be seen by clicking here.

There is also a Bounty Hunter symbol appearing in the bottom left hand corner of the reverse of the card. This symbol could also be found on a lot of boxed vehicles and playsets produced by Palitoy. The more valuable the toy, the greater number of symbols shown, for example an At-At walker had nine of these symbols. It is assumed these symbols were printed for some sort of offer which never actually took place.

It would appear that most, if not all of the earlier Star Wars figures appeared on this card, the only definite exceptions being the original C-3PO and R2-D2 which were replaced with updated versions with additional features. Three further figures appeared on this card, forming the final series released from the Empire Strikes Back film. These were 4-Lom, Tie Fighter Pilot and Zuccuss. None of these figures appeared on the rear of the card.

Certain figures are quite easy to find on this cardback, such as the Black Bespin Guard and 4-Lom, both of which debuted on this card. Most of the other figures are very difficult to find, there are many I have not seen, but I assume they must be out there somewhere!

The 45A card was the last card to display the Palitoy logo on the front. In combination with the Bounty Hunter special offer symbol, this made the 45A one of the most colourful and attractive of the Palitoy series.