Polaris Gigography (under construction)

17 March 1994 The Carribean Club, Preston   Kito, Dead Wrong, Kitchener , Bob Tilton
?? April 1994 The Fenton, Leeds   Bewilderness, Easy Action Disco Band
09 May 1994 The Royal Park, Leeds   Dead Wrong, Bob Tilton
19 May 1994 The Old Angel, Nottingham   Bob Tilton, Tribute
31 May 1994 The Fenton, Leeds   The Exit
09 June 1994 The Royal Park, Leeds   La Costa Rasa
?? June 1994 Beamsley Mount, Leeds   Diminished, Baby Harp Seal, Morphbelly
24 June 1994 The Fighting Cock, Preston   Dead Wrong, Diminished, Bob Tilton
22 July 1994 The Royal Park, Leeds   Lizgizzard, Mask
23 July 1994 The Duchess of York, Leeds   Drive Like Jehu, Dead Wrong
30 July 1994 City Tavern, Birmingham   Broccoli, Shutdown, Decadence Within, Tribute, Baby Harp Seal
17 September 1994 The Duchess of York, Leeds   Pale Saints
24 September 1994 53 Chestnut Avenue, Leeds
14 October 1994 48 Brudenell Avenue, Leeds   DJ Disco Dolly
15 October 1994 The Royal Park, Leeds   Bob Tilton
17 October 1994 The Star and Garter, Manchester   Unwound, Fabric
20 October 1994 The 1in12 Club, Bradford   Unwound, Fabric, Bob Tilton, Coping Saw
21 October 1994 Mill at the Pier, Wigan   Jawbreaker, Schwartzenegger
22 October 1994 The Fenton, Leeds   Zoopsia, Silencer
24 November 1994 The Old Angel, Nottingham   cathode Nation
26 November 1994 The Royal Park, Leeds   Nub, Zoopsia

?? March 1995 The Fighting Cock, Preston   Des Mon Diablo, Kito
19 March 1995 The Royal Park, Leeds   Kito, Stalingrad
19 April 1995 The Kings Arms, Bristol   Unsilent Minority, Baby Harp Seal
20 April 1995 The Magazine, Leicester   Manrae, Schema
21 April 1995 The City Tavern, Birmingham   Baby Harp Seal, Tarbrush
27 April 1995 The Old Angel, Nottingham,   Azalia Snail, Coping Saw
12 May 1995 The Wheatsheaf, Oxford   ABC Diablo, Grover
04 June 1995 The 1in12 Club, Bradford Baby Harp Seal (?)
18 June 1995 The Duchess of York, Leeds   Palace
23 June 1995 53 Chestnut Avenue, Leeds   Tribute
?? September 1995 The Old Angel, Nottingham   Curle, Schema
?? October 1995 Middlesbrough   Diminished, Manfat, Kitten Kneival
04 October 1995 The Boat Race, Cambridge   Bob Tilton, Diminished
05 October 1995 Bradford University   Diminished, Manrae
09 October 1995 The Packhorse, Leeds   Chokebore
29 October 1995 120 Rats, Leeds   Oi Polloi, Baby Harp Seal
12 November 1995 The 1in12 Club, Bradford   Kodjer D, Stamping Ground, Manfat, Underclass, Schema, Matter of Exact
15 November 1995 The Packhorse, Leeds   Bob Tilton, Tribute
28 November 1995 The Narrowboat, Nottingham   Merel, Hard to Swallow
20 December 1995 Middlesbrough   Manfat, Facedown, Ebola, Needlestick

05 January 1996 The Ropewalk Inn, Bristol Baby Harp Seal, Surfing Turnips
14 January 1996 The 1in12 Club, Bradford Spanakorzo
20 January 1996 The Duchess of York, Leeds Rocket From the Crypt, Beachbuggy
27 January 1996 49 Chestnut Ave, Leeds Solanki
02 February 1996 The Fenton, Leeds Bob Tilton, Kito, Baby Harp Seal
03 February 1996 Newcastle Ebola, Spinach
16 February 1996 The Packhorse, Leeds Suffer, Ebola
09 March 1996 Martin's Cellar, Edgebaston, Birmingham Kito, Hard to Swallow, Dub band
17 March 1996 120 Rats, Leeds Mask
23 March 1996 Paris (F) Ananda
24 March 1996 Le Caveau, Poitiers (F) Stay Wasted, Empty Life
25 March 1996 La valle au seine Radio Station, Paris Live Radio Session
26 March 1996 The Clockwork, Leuven (B) Kosjer d
27 March 1996 The Golden Poodle, Hamburg (DE) 
28 March 1996 Klex, Greifswald (DE) Diminished, Respite,B?
29 March 1996 Old Factory, Pasewalk (DE) Diminished, Respite
30 March 1996 Neuruppin (DE) Diminished, Shit Oi! bands
02 April 1996 Keller, Potsdam (DE) Diminished
04 April 1996 Potsdam 
05 April 1996 Rock In Club, Dačice (CZ) Diminished, Pork Soda
06 April 1996 Zbuzany, Jindřichův Hradec (CZ) Diminished, Satisfuction, Nobody, Pork Soda, Euthanasia, Mea Culpa
07 April 1996 Strakonice (CZ) Diminished
08 April 1996 U Straze, Pehriminov (CZ) Diminished, Satisfuction
09 April 1996 Eislingen (DE) Champagner
22 June 1996 The Joiner's Arms, Southampton Four Letter Word, Unmarked, Killjoy, Rectify, Polaris, Smog U.K., T. Cut, Spite
21 July 1996 The 1in12 Club, Bradford Kito, Suffer, Manfat, Hard To Swallow, Systral, Baby Harp Seal, Auxillary of real men, witchknot, hip huggers
27 October 1996 The 1in12 Club, Bradford Chamberlain, Yummy Fur, Hiphuggers
10 November 1996 The 1in12 Club, Bradford Damnation, Battery, Voorhees, Unborn, Cradle, Vengence of Gaia, Month of Birthdays

24 January 1997 Bradford ???
05 April 1997 The Packhorse, Leeds Soeza, Imbiss
23-27 April 1997 Tour Germany/switzerland The Make Up, Bilge Pump, Imbiss
19 July 1997 Community Centre, Nottingham all dayer?
26 September 1997 Leeds 
27 September 1997 Brighton Kito
28 September 1997 Poitier (FR) Kito
29 September 1997 Dijon (FR) Kito
01 October 1997 Luzern (CH) Kito
02 October 1997 Udine (I) Kito
03 October 1997 Unterhund, Ormosz (Slovenia) Kito
05 October 1997 EKH, Vienna (AU) Kito, Freak Show
07 October 1997 Vsetin (CZ) Kito
08 October 1997 Ladronka, Prague (CZ) Kito, Kevorkian
08 October 1997 Sokolov (CZ) Kito
09 October 1997 Eislingen (DE) Kito, Monochrome Collective??? plaed Eis on 15th according to poster?
10 October 1997 Statthaus Bocklerpark, Berlin (DE) Kito, Real
11 October 1997 Pottsdam (DE) Kito, think this fell through (squat evicted) and we went to switzerland for a couple of days?
12 October 1997 Bietigheim (DE) Kito, Dawnbreed
13 October 1997 Bobblingen (DE) Kito, may also have been cancelled?
?? October 1997 Disasterbar, Winterthur (CH) Kito, replacement gig for one of the cancelled ones exact date unknown?
14 October 1997 Mannheim (DE) Kito, may not have happened
15 October 1997 Exil, Eislingen (DE) Kito
16 October 1997 Leuven (DE) Rye Coalition, Kurt, Kito
17 October 1997 La Place 4, Liege (B) Kito
18 October 1997 JC Sorm, Antwerpen (B) (DE) Kito, Honey Honey
19 October 1997 Nottingham Kito?
19 December 1997 The Packhorse, Leeds Soeza, Casino Volante

28 February 1998 some backwater pub in Bristol Soeza
03 March 1998 The Dutchess of York, Leeds (CZ) June of 44, Bob Tilton
07 April 1998 Manchester Karate
26 October 1998 The Centre (Warzone), Belfast +support?
27 October 1998 The Funnel Bar, Dublin Hylton Weir, The Null Set

12 February 1999 Royal Park Cellars, Leeds   Capo D'astro, Action Central
14 May 1999 The Fenton, Leeds ?
21 June 1999 Antwerp (B)? Month of Birthdays
22 June 1999 Munster (DE) Month of Birthdays
23 June 1999 Jugendhaus, Roswein (DE) Month of Birthdays
24 or 25 June 1999 Rosstock (DE) Month of Birthdays + more (festival)
26 June 1999 R94, Friedrichshain, Berlin (DE) Month of Birthdays
12 November 1999 The Feast and Firkin, Leeds June of 44, Capstan
17 December 1999 The Custard Factory, Birmingham Capsule art event launch night

23 February 2000 The Fenton, Leeds? ?in work diary but may not be a polaris gig?
29 February 2000 The Fenton, Leeds 
10 March 2000 Bristol, allegedly ?might have just been freeloading a bilge gig?
11 March 2000 Brighton, allegedly ?
12 March 2000 cambridge, allegedly ?
23 June 2000 Manchester, allegedly ?
?? 2000? 120 Rats, Leeds Les Savy Fav, ?
09 October 2000 Student Union, York University The Wisdom of Harry, V/Vm, Month of Birthdays, Bilge Pump
18 October 2000 ? Newcastle might have been bike-powered one with red monkey?
23 November 2000 The Lift, Brighton Him
24 November 2000 Bunkers Hill Inn, Nottingham Him
25 November 2000 The Packhorse, leeds Him, Red Monkey
26 November 2000 The 13th Note, Glasgow Him
27 November 2000 Night & Day Bar, Manchester Him, solar yen, attack of the saucermen
15 December 2000 ? ?

21 September 2001 The Packhorse, Leeds Billy Mahonie, Static Waves, Real Fucky Fucky
23 September 2001 Rawhide Rehearsal Rooms, Radcliffe Billy Mahonie
16 November 2001 Comedy Pub, Bristol Soeza, Lapsus Linguae, Selah
17 November 2001 Newcastle 
18 November 2001 The Fighting Cock, Preston 
19 November 2001 Radcliffe(?), Manchester 
21 November 2001 The Locomotive, Peterborough Robocop Kraus, Selah
23 November 2001 Leeds ?

12 October 2002 Old Trout, Newlay, Leeds Losing the Battle
15 December 2002 Tmesis Bar, Manchester El Guapo, Seth, Triclops

18 March 2003 ??, Newcastle All-day festival, Unit Ama etc.
28 March 2003 Joseph's Well, Leeds Billy Mahonie, Lo-Fi Sucks, Brown Owl
13 April 2003 ?venue? Camden, London Karate, Andrew Broder of Fog
14 June 2003 Joseph Well, Leeds NRA, Boxed In, Wolves of Greece, Oil, D-Rail, Kill Yourself, Soeza, themurderof......, Humanfly, Brown Owl, The Mercy Suite
11 October 2003 Buffalo Bar, London The Edmund Fitzgerald, Youthmovie soundtrack strategies
14 November 2003 The Packhorse, Leeds Soeza, Little Girl With Cherries
31 December 2003 Brudenell Road, Leeds ?

12 February 2004 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds Explosions in the Sky, Bikini Atoll
13 March 2004 The Packhorse, Leeds Humanfly, Open Letters, Little Girl with Cherries, Tigers! (not sure we actually played this? from c&r)
19 March 2004 Hamilton Rd, Longsight, Manchester French Toast, Little Girl with Cherries, Fruit Saloon
11 September 2004 The Abbey Inn, Newlay, Leeds Lords, Hands & Fingers
10 December 2004 The Maze, Nottingham Hoover, Lords

19 February 2005 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds Dogshow, Yugen
15 May 2005 The Phoenix, Manchester Decibully, The Jesus Years
09 July 2005 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds Chinchillafest (Lords, Soeza, cowtown etc.)
09 August 2005 The Fenton, Leeds Sense or this, D'astro, Pifco
03 September 2005 Back St Ives Mount, Leeds Jim Hague, Mick Artistic, assorted artists (street party)


Others I remember playing but am unsure of dates include:

A gig in newcastle in a squat powered by bicycle
A festival/all dayer in newcastle about two years ago with Unit Ama etc playing
A gig where we also played some Bilge Pump songs as 'Bilgaris' because Emlyn couldn't make a Bilge gig
The tour with Month of Birthdays (dunkirk, Leipsig, Rostock?)
Any other dates with Billy Mahonie (think we did more than two on that tour?)
All dayer at 120 rats with Ceramic Hobs, smell & quim, headless piss etc, Leeds vs Blackpool, bonceman gig, have flyer dated Jan 13th, but what year?
Gig at the Hyde Park Cinema, acoustic without Turpin
1in12 festivals - sure we did a couple at least
Recent manchester student union gig
A gig in the early days where Seth stood in for me because I had my Appendix out - nottingham I think
mini tour of glasgow & Ireland (including the Sunshine Bar, Dundalk)
Matinee gig in dublin
The gojohnny festival at Joseph's well
Another gig at the Radcliffe practice rooms in Radcliffe, might have involved a millard band of some sort (Imbiss?)
Morecambe at christmas with the Soeza boys
A gig on Brudenel road (not 97) when it was snowing outside, about two years ago
New years party at oblong? Did polaris do this on year? (remember doing it with stupid 80's band thing)
Any gigs at Midland Road?
a preston gig not so long ago when we went to blackpool the next day, out of season
Gigs at aspire - we did one when it was at cookridge st and the first one in the church

Other gaps above where dates/venues uncertain (especially the swiss squat tour, and the kito tour - which gigs were cancelled?). Unity Day - 31st August, but don't know the year. In the tent with Decoy, Solar, Bilge Pump, Hessle, Arbite, The Bong Squad, Six, Chest
Cafe Moderno with The Sorts and Coffee - 1999?
Upstairs at the Hyde Park Social Club - we did one there in the late 90's
Probably more Star and Garter gigs.
Possibly played with Sea Scouts when they were over, remember them at the Fenton.
Definitely done more than one in Royal Park Cellars.
Also played with Cordelia's Dad at 1 in 12, some years back.

This is quite hard as I'm sure there's a few gigs listed in C&R and on tinternet which we didn't end up playing for one reason or another. Plus various periods of medication have erased entire months from my memory.

Any additions/omissions please mail me, dogsauce, care of hotmail etc (dotcom)

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